It’s always about the love story

My stories always start with characters—specifically the women I want to bring together romantically.
On a trip to Denver in early 2016, Kai and Rachel presented themselves to me. I knew instinctively that their relationship needed to be in a different time.
I didn’t set out to write a dystopian novel, but Kai and Rachel belonged in post-WW3 New America. Of this I was certain.
I also didn’t set out to write a series, but I fell so in love with Kai, Rachel, and the other inhabitants of New America (and Karst in particular) that I couldn’t walk away from them after Kai’s Heart.
If you’re into dystopian fiction, check out Kai’s Heart.
If you’re into romance, check out Kai’s Heart.
Kai and Rachel truly came from my heart, and I’d love for you to make room in yours for this couple. When it’s all said and done, for me, it’s always about the love story, whether it’s set in Virginia, Georgia, Florida, or New America.