2016 GCLS Conference

There have been so many entertaining and enlightening blogs and photos posted about the 2016 GCLS conference in Alexandria, Virginia, so at first I thought I would refrain. But now I’ve decided to throw my thoughts into the mix.

One of the best parts this year was that my partner Pam got to join me.


I don’t always do well at large conferences. I’ve been known to hide for hours (and once for an entire day) in my hotel room when I’ve become overwhelmed. I’ve also been known to get overstimulated and say/do things usually reserved for drunk people (I seldom drink in public). The picture below is why I had to say “seldom” instead of never. But what happens at GCLS stays at GCLS, right?

GCLS me and AM

I have left GCLS conferences overwhelmed and I’ve left them totally rejuvenated. Luckily for me, the last couple of them have been the latter. Between meeting readers for the first time, connecting with writers I’ve previously only known through Facebook, and reconnecting with long-time GCLS friends, the 2016 GCLS conference was an amazing experience.

Spending time with my fellow Affinity writers – shout out to Jen Silver, Ali Spooner, and award-winning author Annette Mori! – was a definite highlight.

I also got to spend time with work peeps (go NPS!) and family (thanks for coming out, sister-in-laws Monica and Sue).

And I got to sell and sign books. Here I am signing…

GCLS me signing a book.jpg

…and the links to my books…

Novels with Affinity eBooks Press

I went to the conference in Alexandria thinking I’d be taking the year off from the next one, and left planning my wardrobe for Chicago 2017. Hope to see you there! Peace.