Thoughts on Flight

I have been a very bad blogger. To be honest, blogging scares me. It also takes time away from my fiction. But I have been posting things about my books on Facebook. Here, I’ve put together four recent posts about my novel Flight, just reissued as of January 1st.

Flight is what I call my hybrid novel – in that it follows both lesbian sister Kate as she falls in love with Lana, and straight sister April as her relationship with Boyd starts to unravel. It is a romance about Kate and Lana, but it’s also the story of two sisters, the bookworm Kate coming out of her shell, and party girl April struggling with drugs, control, and finding her own way. When their very different lives intersect, neither anticipates the consequences.

Flight, my “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” novel, is available now through Affinity eBooks Press.


My notoriously bad memory meant I had to research every little detail when I was writing my second novel, Flight, which is set in 1983 in Norfolk and York County VA.

Pay phone charges had just been deregulated so I had to figure out how much April would need to make a phone call… I had to figure out what was inscribed on a Quaalude…

There is a scene where Kate holds down the rewind button on the cassette player and I wanted to know how long it would take to rewind back to Joan Jett’s “Crimson and Clover.” I had it on CD but no longer on cassette (yes I still have a cassette player). My partner went online and ordered a cassette for me so I could describe the action accurately.


One of my favorite things about writing fiction is that I can take a detail from real life and twist it around to fit my characters’ lives.

In my novel Flight, there is a scene where April is smoking pot from a power hitter for the first time. I might have had a similarly embarrassing experience when I was her age…

And like Kate, I might have raised mosquitoes in a jar thinking the larvae were sea monkeys…


In both my novel Flight and the upcoming 23 Miles, my characters must endure the infuriating traffic at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.

They also note the Christmas tree planted in the medium of I-64 and decorated for various holidays. I wonder if any of my Virginia friends have fond memories of that tree?


Flight is now available on Affinity eBook Press’ website, Amazon, and other places you find quality fiction.